RFID Payments Applications

One of the most popular uses of RFID today is to pay for toll road use without stopping to remit payment. Systems using RFID technology have caught on in many countries, and quick service restaurants are experimenting with using the same active RFID tags to pay for meals at drive-through windows.

RFID technology is a convenient way to pay for bus, subway and train rides via RFID-enabled tickets. Many cities are switching from magnetic stripe cards to RFID-enabled cards. RFID technology allows more people to pass through turnstiles faster, reducing congestion.  The lack of mechanical parts in readers reduces the need for maintenance on mass transit systems.

Some ski resorts use RFID lift tickets.  Some water parks issue RFID-enabled wristbands to their guests who use them to access rides, access lockers for storing personal items and for making payment for items such as food, drinks and for purchases of souvenirs at the gift shop.

MasterCard and Visa issues RFID-enabled cards and key fobs.  These use the protocols for communication between the RFID-enabled devices and RFID readers. Cashless, contactless payments save consumers time and are more convenient than cash.