RFID Jewellery Management

RFID Simplified for Jewelers

Step 1

Attach pre-assigned RFID tag onto the item (can be used with barcode if necessary).

Step 2

Scan Tags on item with either Tray or Handheld Scanner. There is no line of sight required.

2 Easy steps for Multiple Benefits

  • Inventory Check of 100’s of Items in few minutes
  • Reduced Stock Taking Time
  • Reusable RFID Tags – more than 1 lakh cycles
  • POS Ready Solutions
  • Automated reports in Existing Software
  • Improves Stock Visibility
  • Efficient & Transparent that helps for Accountability of Items
Who can Use RFID?

To automate process from raw material to finished product.


To bring about a transformation in Counting of items, Security and critical data storage.


To revolutionize inventory check. Complete Point of Sale Package. RFID to crosscheck items moving in and out of strong room.

A glance at few reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Reports by category
  • Tag history
  • Reverse Inventory Reports
  • Reports employee wise
  • And many more!