RFID Inventory Solutions

E.com RFID Based Warehouse Receipts & Dispatches System


Manufacturing industry produces products, moves the finished product to warehouse and based on the Dispatch Advice, dispatches the same to Customers / Distributor / Retailers. Based on the Dispatch Advice (Invoice / Delivery Note / Pick List) products are loaded on the trucks which are meant for dispatches to Customers / Distributors / Retailers.

The common pain area in Warehouse Management is wrong identification of products during receipts / dispatches. Also the inventory of the items in the warehouse is a point of concern along with locating items in the warehouse. The contributing factors are Manual Errors, Dependency and Reduced Productivity. The result is that it reflects on Organization’s reputation and losses. 

The proposed solution can definitely address and rectify the above mentioned pain areas.

Proposed System:

The proposed solution suggests pasting or hanging or stitching RFID Tags / Labels on every carton / box sack as its identity. The packages are of standard pack size (in terms of quantities) that gives an advantage of accurate quantity. The processes proposed in this solution are as under:

Vendors / Production Department process:

As soon as the packing of items in packages is done at the Vendor / Production Department, RFID Tag will be printed as well as encoded (writing data on the chip of the RFID Tag) with the Item Description, Date of Production etc. by a Printer cum Encoder Machine. These packages will be delivered to the Warehouse.

Warehouse Receipts process:

The products arrive at warehouse from Vendor / Production Unit at the gate of warehouse. It is proposed to have a Dock Door (This is made of four Antennas with a Reader connected to a Computer / Server) at the Warehouse Gate. The Cartons / Boxes / Sacks are unloaded on trolley / fork-lift at the unloading ramp. Then this trolley / fork-lift pass through the Dock Door to enter the Warehouse. While the trolley / fork-lift are passing through the Dock Door, the Antenna’s and Reader’s will read all the RFID Tags pasted on the packages. This is achieved without any manual efforts and is done automatically while trolley / fork-lift are in motion. It means that 10 – 50 – 100 boxes (Whatever is kept on the trolley) can be read within 1 – 2 seconds. The captured data is immediately passed onto Computer / Server instantly. The process of receiving is fulfilled. At this speed a complete truck load can be received by the system within the time of physical unloading. Even at this speed, accuracy is assured.

In the diagram some areas are marked as A1, A2…..B1 etc. This indicates the storage location identification. If disciplined approach is adopted in stacking of item and if system can correlate the item with location in the database this will have an added advantage at the time of Dispatches & Calculated Inventory.

Warehouse Dispatch process:

At the time of dispatches the trucks are to be loaded based on the Delivery Note / Invoice / Pick List. These items are picked from various locations put on the trolley and moved towards truck for loading. While the trolley is exiting from the gate, The Dock Door which is installed at the gate will automatically read all the packages and verify the items with the items mentioned in the Delivery Note / Invoice / Pick List. If the item matches then the system will check the quantities (in terms of packages) and record as dispatches. If in case the item is not matching then the system will raise an alert indicating wrong item being dispatched. The alert may be in form of Audio or Visual Alarm if needed. If excess quantities are being dispatched then also alerts can be raised. All these activities take place when the trolley is passing through the Dock Door.

The process adds the value by tracking the wrong item or quantities. Another part of this process is using the Hand Held Reader (HHR) which will help in searching a specific item if location is jumbled or unknown. The Item Code / Description which are to be searched are entered in the Hand Held Reader memory. This HHR is carried by any person and reading the RFID Tags on the packages. If the Item Code / Description on the Tag matches with the one entered in the HHR then the HHR beeps to indicate the item has been located.

Benefits of the Proposed Solution:

  • Speed of identifying the items at the time of Receipts / Dispatches.
  • Accuracy because it completely eliminates Human Intervention.
  • Verification of items at the time of Loading for Dispatches.
  • Searching items using Hand Held Readers.
  • Automatic Door capture and Passed immediately for Processing.