RFID Asset Management Applications

RFID-enabled asset tracking systems are used to assist in

  • Equipment management
  • Control automotive fleets
  • Prevent laptop theft
  • Track Containers in Yards
  • A virtual view of Assets on Land or Sea

Asset management solutions may be either fixed or mobile.

In RFID asset tracking system,

Tags are permanently attached to equipment and fixed assets such as pallets, cylinders, lift trucks, tools, vehicles, trailers and other equipment.

Assets are read by fixed positioned readers placed at strategic points within the facility. A correctly-deployed tracking system can track the movement and location of tagged assets.

This information about assets may be used to quickly locate expensive tools or equipment when employees need them, eliminating labor-wasting searches and increasing asset utilization and reduce expenditures on critical assets. 

RFID technology is proving a useful tool for securing critical assets.