Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Bluetooth Marketing is an exciting new way of allowing customers to interact with an advertising panel or a poster with their Mobile phones. Customers can receive content such as Video clips, music, vouchers and coupons, contact information or product information by simply activating Bluetooth on their mobile phones in the vicinity of the display.

Improved Customer Relationship - Give more to your customer.


Product Features

There are 3 variants of the gateway

Up to 100m range 7 concurrent connections ( can be increased to 28 connections)
Configurable campaign times COnfigurable screen names
Configurable blacklist times handset recognition
Configurable user management Centralized campaign management
Real-time download statistics

Product Variants

There are 3 variants of the gateway Standalone

A variant where a laptop / desktop and a USB drive is required to manage the gateway and view statistics. Ideal for smaller stores and events with single gateway deployments.

A variant wherein gateway can be remotely managed through web. This requires the gateway to be connected to the internet either through a GPRS data card or through Broadba. Ideal for chains of stores or multicity events wherein multiple gateways need to be managed Pull:

A variant where the gatewat can accept files sent by the user over Bluetooth. Ideal for allowing users to upload their business cards,photos and videos


Other Applications

"The future if not what it used to be" - Arthur.C.Clarke

Bluetooth Browser:

An application on the phone that allows the user to browse and selectively download content to his phone.

Bluetooth loyalty program:

An application on the phone that could alert you when your customers are close to your store and send them offers based on their past purchased history.Loyalty cards - Who needs them?

Bluetooth photo printing:

Allow customers to print photos free of cost by uploading them through thier mobile phone and put your brand communication on the back side of the print.

Digital Signages:

Allow people to interact with digital signages by uploading their photos that get displayed on them. Or allow them to hear the digital signage content by simply downloading an application.

Blue tooth video streaming

Allow people to stream videos to their phone from a server.

And much more... Get in touch with our mobile specialists for developing such customized solutions.